Swiftlink iot


SwiftLink provides products that allow you to connect your “things” (farms/assets/animals/devices) to the internet for monitoring and control.  


Our whitelabel product line of modular wireless sensors, connectivity hardware and online visualisation dashboard have the flexibility to enable new or existing product lines to join the IOT revolution.



Our product line hardware is built around our sensor gateway, the “Cumulus”, our wireless expansion unit, the “Nimbus” and our variety of sensors.

The “Cumulus” is a standalone gateway to the internet and is responsible for sending data to the cloud either through cellular connectivity or WIFI. Multiple sensors can be connected directly to the Cumulus in a string, which automatically detects the sensors and sends the measured data to the online dashboard. No additional setup is required for the data to be sent to the internet; Once power is applied to the unit, setup and provisioning is done automatically. 



Each Sensor Gateway comes with a dashboard with a username and password login. the dashboard can be customized if required by the client and features a variety of rich infographic displays.


for cellular gateways, each gateway also includes a managed sim solution that allows problem free functionality in over 105 countries worldwide.


all gateways include fOTA management, meaning firmware will be updated automatically for improved features and functionality if and when required.

swiftlink iot


You as a business, can now create and capitalise with your own connected product line instantly, to offer unique solutions to your customers’ problems and service them in a way that other companies cannot compete with.