About us


SwiftLink provides products that allows you to connect your “things” (farms/assets/animals/devices) to the internet for monitoring and control.

Our product line consists of sensors, wireless modems and cellular gateways. Data (such as voltage, location or tank level) is measured by sensors, transmitted wirelessly by wireless modems to the cellular gateway which in turn connects everything to the internet. You can gain insights from the data you measure with our online dashboard.

One gateway can support hundreds of sensors and information can be transmitted up to 10km between the modems and the gateway and sensors from other manufacturers can also be incorporated into the system allowing for a large variety of use cases:

Agriculture – Soil moisture and temperature and humidity can be measured to make decisions that influence crop yields and quality, as well as reducing the amount of water used in irrigation.

Facilities management – Buildings can be monitored to improve occupancy comfort (temperature, humidity levels and functioning equipment such as escalators) and to ensure compliance and safety (emergency lighting functionality tests)

Industrial – Monitoring vibration levels on equipment allow engineers to make informed decisions on maintenance and replacement planning.

Metering – On site measurements can be replaced with a cost-effective network of wireless sensors

OTHER: The infrastructure of the SwiftLink allows it to be adapted to several use cases.